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Created by parents, we know that safety and stability make up the most important aspect of looking into buying something like a co-sleeping bed for your new born and that is why we wanted to take the time to be able to give you real, honest insight into the potential options that you could be considering so that you have additional peace of mind when placing your order.

Although we know that the safety of your little one is priceless, we do try to ensure that we keep cost in mind when looking at the options that are available to you and try to locate the cheapest possible price while making sure that you are buying from a retailer that is well respected and used across the globe, that is why we will in the most part point you towards Amazon UK.

What is a Co Sleeper Cot / Crib?

Baby Bedside Co Sleeper Bed Review

The Baby Bedside Co Sleeper Bed

As you will know already, when you have a new born child it seems to mark the end of your peaceful sleeping pattern as they are constantly hungry or need changing and if you have a more traditional cot or crib placed within your room, you often have to get out of bed to see what it is your little one is trying to tell you.

Co-sleeping beds are designed to give you the safety of a traditional new born cot but with one side either able to be removed or completely missing (depending on the style you buy), allowing for the crib to be placed next to you in bed in an extension style and keeping your little one with you throughout the night.

This not only means that you are only inches away from your little ones but you are also given the chance to be able to ensure that your child is safe while sleeping with you, rather than being placed between you and your partner while you both try to get some much needed sleep.

Many of the co-sleeping beds for new born babies are sold with the ability to be able to store it away within a handy travel bag, making it easy to take with you when you are away from home or to transport from one location to another.

Is a co-sleeper cot safe?

Co Sleeping cots are based on more traditional crib design, meaning that they are safe for children to sleep in as long as you follow the recommendations that the manufacturers have for their products, for example some may state that they are suitable for children aged from 9 months up to the point in which the child can stand.

We always suggest that you take a look at the information that the co-sleeper manufacturer provides with their products and avoid taking any risks in relation to those, as we know that the safety of your child is paramount.

Things to consider when buying a co-sleeper bed

Like most things that we buy, there will be considerations that you will have to make to ensure that a specific product is right for you and your family and in order to highlight that, we thought that we would help you with a couple of things that you need to consider before making your purchase:

Bed Height and Clearance

As the aim of a co-sleeping cot is that it will provide you with a safe extension of your bed for your child to sleep in, you need to think about the height in which your bed sits as you will have to make sure that the crib that you choose is able to adjust to that specific height.

You should be looking to purchase a co sleeping bed that is able to line up with your mattress perfectly, both in terms of height and depth, so that there is no gaps or ‘drops’ that your child could face should they find themselves laid close to you.

All of the specifications on the products that we feature here on will have dimensions available for viewing before purchase, so please take the time to view those and make sure that you find the right one for your needs.


The weight of a co-sleeper crib becomes important for a number of reasons, including ease of moving about the house as well as how stable the bed is when your child is sleeping in it (weight distribution).

Most co-sleeper beds are well designed and we only feature the cots and cribs that we have taken the time to look at, so we should have eliminated the need to worry about the latter reason, however keep that in mind if you opt to look elsewhere as some other sites many not have taken the time to look into this when selling unknown branded products.