Co Sleeping Cots and Crib Reviews

Welcome to our Co-Sleeper Cot review website! It is our hope that the information you read here will help you find the best sleep solution for your precious little one and will add significantly to your peace of mind!

My Story

I myself became a first-time mum just this year. If you are anything like me and most parents-to-be out there, among all of the things buzzing in your heads and worrying you as you prepare(d) for your sweet babe’s arrival, sleep safety is/was probably one of the biggest, mainly because of SIDS concerns.

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) – it is seriously one of the scariest things for soon-to-be-parents to face and prepare for.

Every sleep related item, from cribs and bassinettes to blankets and stuffed animals ALL have the warnings on them!

Every website, every conversation with a nurse or pediatrician – seriously everyone reminds you of the dangers of SIDS and the ABC’s of proper sleep safety (Alone on their Back in a Crib).

We even got a baby sleep sack that ended up having a cute little woodland creature on it that says “Back is best” to remind you to not put your baby to sleep on her tummy!

All that to say – sleep safety becomes a bit of an ever consuming obsession.

But you probably, like my husband and I, also want what’s best for your baby as far as the ability to comfort and provide for her throughout the night, and make sure she has the best situation for healthy development.

And you probably have had friends (or strangers), maybe even a medical professional or two, quietly but urgently justify to you why they let their baby sleep in their bed or on their chest, and assure you that it is perfectly safe, and some of their explanations may sound extremely legitimate and enticing.

For us, all of this made finding the right sleep solution for our little darling extremely difficult and nerve wracking.

I bet it maybe has for you as well, which is why we have created this website!

We finally found a solution that truly resolves every concern about sleep safety in the co-sleeper crib and we want to share it with other concerned soon-to-be and already-parents out there!

What Is A Co-Sleeping Cot

If you are like the majority of mums-to-be out there, you have likely been doing a lot of research about the best sleeping solutions for your eagerly expected little new born.

With all of the worries about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and suffocation, finding the safest, most secure yet comfortable method for putting your little one to bed is one of the most emotional and mentally consuming concerns for expecting mothers.

I know it certainly was for me when my husband and I were expecting our first this past year. Yet, with all my searching, I still missed out on what I am now convinced is the best sleep solution out there: the co-sleeper cot.

If you are like most of us new moms, you have been trained to see the phrase “co-sleep” and cringe. Isn’t co-sleeping dangerous? Doesn’t it increase the chance of SIDS?

Well, not with a co-sleeper crib. A co-sleeper crib is a brilliant solution that enables you to keep your new born extremely close, while still protecting them from your bedding and the dangers of suffocation or being rolled on.

Allow me to lay your fears and curiosities to rest by explaining just exactly what a co sleeping crib is and why I wish my husband and I had discovered it earlier!

So Just What Is A Co-Sleeper Cot?

There are a variety of co-sleeper cribs, but all of them are basically cribs or bassinettes that allow the baby to sleep in his or her own space while still being right by the parents’ or caretaker’s side.

While some are small little cots that can be placed on the bed with you, perhaps between you and your partner, the best ones, and the ones which are featured in our reviews, stand next to the bed like a typical bassinette but which have one side that can be lowered and attached to your bed.

Essentially, what all co-sleeper beds allow is for baby to sleep very close to mum and dad, within arm’s reach and where they can still smell, hear, and feel your presence, but without the dangers of bed-sharing.

How Do They Work?

Co-sleeper cots are made to fit right against your bed and can have a side lowered and attached to your bedside if you wish.

The most versatile of these baby side sleepers will work for babies ages newborn to 6 months or until they can sit up. They are constructed of the traditional baby cot materials and many can be used as a side sleeper or as a regular, stand-alone crib.

What Are The Benefits?

With the growing awareness about SIDS and accidental death or injury by suffocation or being rolled on, most parents are very aware of the dangers of allowing your baby to sleep in your bed with you.

We have all probably heard the “ABC”s of safe sleep: baby should be Alone, on her Back in a Crib.

However, most babies (and most new parents) want and even need the comfort and safety of being near enough to smell, hear and touch each other. Even the same experts who recommend the ABCs also encourage parents to keep their baby in their bedroom with them for at least the first 6 months.

When you think about all of this, plus the fact that most newborns sleep best by mum’s side after nine months in the womb, plus the fact that newborns need to nurse frequently throughout the night, which results in an extremely tired mummy who may not be able to safely (wakefully) sit up with baby to nurse, and the benefits of a co-sleeper cot are incredibly apparent.

By using a co-sleeper, you can:

  • Follow the ABCs while you can still
  • Have baby right next to you almost as if she was sharing your bed
  • Be able to nurse easily in a side-lying position (which most lactation consultants agree is the best nursing position anyway)

All without worrying about:

  • Rolling over on baby
  • Baby getting caught up and suffocating in the blankets
  • Baby falling off the bed
  • Not hearing and being able to best care for baby because she is in another room
  • Accidentally falling asleep while sitting up with baby to feed her

A co-sleeper crib solves all safety problems while still enabling the closeness, bonding, and nursing opportunities so important to the early stages. It enables the benefits of bed sharing without any of the risks.

A Co-Sleeping Cot, also known as a baby side sleeper, combines the best of the two opposing sleeping options.

There are a wide variety of side sleeper options, but the ones we review here look, and can work, like traditional bassinettes or cribs, with one very significant difference:

One of the sides of the crib can be lowered so as to attach to your bedside, making the baby’s sleep space flush with your bed.

Why They Are a Great Solution

If you are like most soon-to-be mums, you are probably somewhat tired of how often you hear “Never let the baby sleep in your bed!” and all of the concerns and statistics about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

It’s not that you don’t care. It’s the exact opposite! You DO care, but there seems to be so much conflicting information and evidence out there:

Put the baby in your bed, you and your partner risk rolling on the baby, or risk the baby getting caught up and suffocated in your bedding.

Don’t put the baby in your bed, and baby may suffer from lack of closeness and comfort, will not be able to nurse on demand, and will probably NOT sleep very much at all.

After 9 months of being nice and cozy in the womb, it’s no wonder they can’t sleep sprawled out flat on their back in the open air on a rather thin and hard mattress!

Let’s not forget that if you do keep baby in a separate crib, you will have to get up to check on her, comfort her, and certainly to feed her. All of which pretty much nullifies whatever safety there was in keeping her separate, since in your exhaustion, you will be in danger of falling asleep and dropping her, as did one exhausted young mother I know.

BUT – there IS a solution! If you haven’t heard of them yet, they’re called co-sleeper cots, or baby side sleepers, and they are the best baby sleep solution I have ever encountered!

What Are They?

A co-sleeper cot or crib is very much like a traditional crib or bassinette, except that it is made to fit alongside and even attach to your bed.

These cots have one side that can be lowered (some of which then attach to your bed) so that your baby’s sleeping surface is flush with your bed, enabling you to literally reach out and touch him without having to get up or even sit up, and without allowing the possibility of you rolling on him.

Why Are They The Best?

It is probably already obvious why these co-sleeper cribs are the best infant sleeping solution, but in case not, let me spell it out:

  1. Safety: because these cots have flat, thin mattresses, three solid, safe walls with the option of a fourth or to be against your bed, they meet all of the safety standards. They keep a baby on her back, on a firm mattress without too much bedding, and allow her to sleep safely in her own sleeping space without danger of being rolled on.These cots avoid all of the dangers that bed-sharing (keeping baby in bed with you) gets a bad rap for.
  2. Proximity: while avoiding the dangers of bed-sharing, you still get all of the closeness of it. You will literally just have to turn onto your side and you’ll be able to see, reach out and touch, and hear baby inches from you.And he will benefit from hearing, smelling, and feeling you as well, which is what many newborns need to be able to sleep peacefully and be comforted. If he cries, you won’t even have to get up to see what’s wrong and soothe him.
  3. Nursing: if you plan to nurse your baby, you can probably see why this is a fantastic solution. Most lactation consultants actually promote the side-lying nursing position as the best for both mum and baby, as it allows mum to keep resting and provides better milk-flow for baby.However, because of the dangers and fears about bed-sharing, many mums avoid this position, knowing that they will likely fall asleep if they continue lying down while nursing.Well, a co-sleeping cot allows you to easily nurse in the side-lying position without worrying that you could accidentally roll on your baby in your sleep.
  4. Sleep: first, when your baby gets to sleep so near to you, and be so easily soothed, she will likely sleep better in the first place, which means you will also get more rest. That is sleep benefit number one.Sleep benefit number two is that, even if you are waking up frequently throughout the night because your baby is hungry, you will not have to worry about falling asleep while nursing her. You can safely nurse on your side and even fall asleep without the typical dangers of nursing her in your bed.

    This is a huge benefit as many mums, because of all of the fears surrounding bed sharing, will get up and go sit in a recliner or rocker while nursing their baby in the night. But they are extremely sleep deprived and exhausted when they do this.

    The result is that many mums start falling asleep while nursing their babies, which means they are at serious risk for dropping their babies, as happened to my previously mentioned friend. This is not a safe solution to bed-sharing!

    The co-sleeper, however, solves this problem completely, allowing you to safely sleep while nursing baby.

We truly do believe that these are the best solution, giving you the best of both worlds of the ABCs of sleep safety and the comforting and developmental benefits of co-sleeping.

Here’s why:

  • Co-sleeper cots provide the benefit of sleeping next to baby without the safety hazards: a co-sleeper cot gives the baby his own space, allows him to be safely on his back and still in a crib.However, it gives you extremely easy and immediate access to him, allowing you to reach in to soothe him, make sure he’s warm and safe, and it makes nursing in the night easier as well.All of this is more comforting to the baby and good for his development, as he can smell, feel, and hear you right next to him throughout the night, all of which are very helpful as he adjusts to being out of the womb and on his own.
  • Don’t have to worry about getting up to check on baby: even if your baby hasn’t arrived yet, you know that there is little sleep in your immediate future.This will make getting out of bed to check on your sweet baby, even if her crib is in your room, a rather exhausting feat.As time goes on and the lack of sleep catches up to you, it could even get dangerous, as some extremely exhausted parents end up sleep-walking and being completely unaware of what they are doing as they check on and care for their baby in the night.The baby side-sleeper helps solve this issue, as the parent on the side with the cot can simply roll over to check on their baby and soothe her. No getting up and walking around necessary!
  • Don’t have to worry about falling asleep with your baby in your arms: related to the previous benefit, since you can just reach over to soothe baby, you don’t have to worry about falling asleep while holding your baby in your arms in a recliner or rocker, as one mum I know accidentally did!
  • Don’t have to worry about your bed coverings: if you’ve read up at all, you know one of the biggest warnings against bed-sharing is that your bedding could inadvertently suffocate your baby and/or result in SIDS.With the co-sleeper crib, baby still has his own sleeping space and bedding and will not come into contact with your bedding at all.
  • Don’t have to worry about rolling on baby: again, another reason against bed-sharing is the danger of you or your partner rolling over on baby and injuring or even killing him.Again, because she will have her own, separate sleeping space, there will be no danger of rolling on her, as the remaining walls at the head and foot of her crib will prevent you from rolling into her space.
  • More sleep for all: because the baby will be more comforted by your nearness, and because you will not have to get out of bed to soothe him, the natural result will mean better sleep than if he were in a completely detached crib or in a different room.

These are just some of the benefits. You can probably think of your own just by seeing the example!

What You Will Find

When you are preparing to welcome a new precious little one into your home, there is little else you worry about as much as their safety. Sleep safety is especially that causes great anxiety for many parents.

With all the increasing awareness about SIDS and the dangers of bed-sharing, many parents struggle to know what to do for their newborn’s sleep situation. There is so much information and opinion out there, much of which often seems conflicting.

For me and my husband, as we prepared to welcome our first little one into this world earlier this year, we struggled to know what was truly the safest and best option for her regarding where and in what she would sleep. There seemed to be as many concerning “cons” about every option as there were “pros.”

But perhaps, in your hours of research you have come across the co-sleeper cot, something we discovered after our little one arrived.

What Is A Co-Sleeper Cot?

Now, if you’re seeing the phrase “co-sleep” in the name and are immediately suspicious (“co-sleeping” is dangerous after all, isn’t it?), hold on a moment.

A co-sleeper crib is much different than bed-sharing, and is, in fact, a perfect and extremely safe solution that allows the closeness of bed-sharing without all of its dangers.

There are many varieties of co-sleeper cribs, also known as baby side-sleepers, but the most ideal and versatile of these look very much like traditional cribs or bassinettes, except they are made to fit up against your bed and allow one of the sides to be lowered, giving you complete and easy access to your baby without having to get out of your bed.

Why Co-Sleeper Cribs Are Safe

Co-sleeper cribs are a perfectly safe sleep solution for your bundle of joy, assuming of course that you purchase one that follows the basic safety standards and that you use it according to the manufacturer’s suggestions, as is the case with all items.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you can get a co-sleeper crib and be worry free:

  • Baby can’t be rolled on: because your baby will still have his own separate sleeping surface, he will be safe from the possibility of you or your partner accidentally rolling on him.Even though one side of the side sleeper can be lowered to be connected to your bed space, the other remaining raised walls would prevent you from being able to roll on him.
  • Baby won’t be in danger of getting caught and suffocated in your bedding: again, because your baby will have her own separate sleep space and her own baby-safe bedding, like a wearable blanket, the dangers of her getting caught in your bedding and suffocating are eliminated.
  • Baby will still be on his back on a firm mattress: again, co-sleeper cots are like traditional, safe cribs and bassinettes in every way except that a wall can be lowered. The mattress and sleeping platform is still firm and flat, as is recommended by pediatricians, and thus lowers the risk of SIDS.So all in all, the co-sleeper cot follows the “ABCs” of safe sleep: the baby is Alone (own sleep space) on his Back in a C The only difference is the ability to lower one wall to attach it to your bed.
  • Baby is within your soothing reach: along with the ABCs of sleep safety, most pediatricians also urge parents to still keep baby in their room at night so that you can check on her and hear her. This enables you to provide the very important comfort that she needs from you, and allows her to still hear and smell you.A co-sleeper crib absolutely keeps up this standard, but makes it even easier, since you will not have to get up out of bed to check on baby; you can simply turn and reach over to pat and soothe her and make sure she is breathing fine.

If you want the safety and peace of mind of your baby sleeping in a crib on her back away from all of your bedding, but also want the peace of mind and accessibility of having her right next to you in eye-view and arms reach, you really cannot go with a better option than a co-sleeper cot.

In the rest of this site, you will find reviews of specific co-sleeping cribs that we have investigated and found to be the best out there. You will also find a buyer’s guide, and some helpful info in our blog.

As you learn about and possibly look for your own baby side sleeper, here are some good things to keep in mind:

  • Before you get too excited about one, measure your bed’s height and make sure any co-sleeper cot you are considering is compatible with your bed
  • While we have stuck to reviewing the best quality and therefore safest co-sleepers, if you decide to search elsewhere for others, just be sure to check on stability and quality; while they are safe sleep solutions in concept, if you choose one that is cheaply made or previously used, there may still be dangers
  • Always read the manufacturer’s instructions and use accordingly. Everything can be dangerous if misused.